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RestaurantConnect is

Management & technology for a better dining experience.

We believe every restaurant should be a success.

We believe nothing is more important than the guest journey.

We have two main goals:

Help the restaurant realize
it's full success potential

Help the restaurant
reduce costs

Which brings us to one of your biggest costs.


Let's see if we can reduce that.


What happens during busy times?

Call volume increases...

right there with the line at the door.

  • Directions

The majority of calls:

  • Wait times

  • Bookings

  • Menu & Specials

  • Hours of Operation

  • Feedback & Complaints

  • Other easily answered questions

And while staff resources get thin,

But now, you can maximize profits

customer service drops.

because all incoming calls

during busy times

are immediatly answered.

Through phone automation, I can:

By putting smart technology to work for your business, your team is freed up to deliver more personalized service, and be there for your guests in new & exciting ways.

Now let’s look at opportunity in your dining room.

Reduced labor costs

Delivered high value self service

Increased capacity to personalize

Opportunity in the dining room.

Do you currently use an electronic reservation system?